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Local Hangouts

Hot dogs in buns at the official weigh-i

Best Bars With Free Snacks In Sacramento

They say the best things in life are free. Whether or not this is true, it’s certainly nice to get something you didn’t have to pay for.


tango on the river

Best Latin Dance Clubs In Sacramento

When ya gotta dance, ya gotta dance. Sacramento has a few spots where you can get those hips moving to Latin rhythms.



Best Black Wednesday Bars In Sacramento

Take a load off before the Thanksgiving holiday at any of these Sacramento-area bars for Black Wednesday.



A Night Out In Sacramento’s Midtown

If you live in Midtown Sacramento, you could conceivably visit 10 to 15 bars in one night. The five bars listed here provide a diverse and appealing mix.


old ironsides 2

Best Bars With History In Sacramento

Sacramento history goes back farther than most of us remember. Many of our local bars are part of the story.


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Best Cocktail Bars In Sacramento

Looking for a good cocktail bar in Sacramento is as easy as leaving the house. All you really have to decide is what you’re looking for.


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Best Places To Host A Wedding Reception In Sacramento

Everyone dreams about that special day and where it will be. In Sacramento, the options are almost too many to list.


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Best Wine Stores In Sacramento

Whether you wish to find just the right buttery chardonnay or to explore the myriad of other possibilities, these Sacramento shops can help you uncork the possibilities.


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Best Ways To Celebrate Oktoberfest In Sacramento

It’s almost time again to get out the lederhosen and celebrate Oktoberfest. If you’re a fan of German beer and food, this is the celebration for you.


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Sacramento Bars With The Best Arcade Games

Sacramento has several bars which combine a little arcade fun with their cocktails. People just need to know where to go.


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Best Bars For Business Drinks In Sacramento

Sacramento is a business town. Here are some bars and eateries recommended for doing business any day of the week.



Best Bars For A Blind Date In Sacramento

These Sacramento establishments provide scenery, drinks, dining and entertainment while you get to know one another, while not locking you into a lengthy or expensive evening if you just are not clicking.