bed bugs

After Bed Bug Complaints, Lodi Theater Closed Until Thursday To Eliminate ‘Insect’ Problem

The movie theater released a statement saying the theater would be closed until Thursday after “limited evidence of insect activity” was found inside some auditoriums.


bed bugs

Alleged Bed Bug Infestation Temporarily Shutters Lodi Movie Theater

Lodi Stadium 12 Cinemas posted signs on door their doors Sunday, saying they are closed for the day as they do a thorough inspection.


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Fire Left To Burn At Abandoned Lodi Home

A fire that was raging Monday morning at an abandoned home in Lodi is being left to burn out on its own.



Art Class Aims To Help In Grieving Process

With the stroke of a paintbrush and a fond memory of someone you have lost, the Lonely Hearts Workshop at Bath & More in Lodi is helping those grieve with the loss of a loved one with a personalized wooden heart.



Lodi Considering Turning Dogs On 140 Canada Geese Making Mess At Park

They’ve even put up a fence to keep the geese from coming onto the beach, but they are also looking into long term solutions, like hiring a herding dog or even having volunteers bring their dogs out.


farrmers markets

Lodi Readying For Farmers Market Wine Tasting Rules

LODI (CBS13) — Fresh vegetables with a fine wine. Governor Jerry Brown signed a new law allowing wineries to sell their wine at farmers markets. The catch is only one winery can offer tastings at […]


cracking autism

UC Davis Researchers Find Farm Pesticides May Increase Chances Of Having Autistic Child

Always interested in finding clues, Andrew Rigopoulis and his wife took close notice of the autism study that found pregnant women who lived near farms where pesticides were used had a two-thirds higher risk of having children with autism.


vicious dog ordinance

Lodi Considering Vicious Dog Law That Would Require Muzzles, Owners To Carry Insurance

It’s something that LeDawn Bertsch will never forget. Three large dogs attacked her dog and bit her husband at a nearby dog park. The scars are still visible on her dog, Sophie.


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3 Arrested In Lodi Gang Sweep Targeting Norteño Members

Spurred by recent violence in Lodi and Stockton, authorities conducted a sweep focusing on known Norteño gang members in the area Friday.


parent teacher worries

Lodi Parents Say Student Saw Teacher Looking At Lewd Photos During Class

Brianna Ruonavarra is outraged after she says her 9-year-old son, Damian, caught his teacher looking at photos of naked women on a school-issued computer during class.


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Boys, 14, Arrested For Shooting Outside Of Lodi Bar

Two young teens are under arrest for a late Saturday night shooting outside of a Lodi bar, police say.


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Teens Pull Out Gun, Demand People To Buy Them Alcohol

Police say that two teens were so determined to have someone buy them booze that they pulled a gun on someone.