Federal Court Considers Case About Handling Of 'Speed Freak Killer' Victims' RemainsA federal judge in California is considering a lawsuit filed by the mother of a girl whose remains were found at the bottom of a well during the investigation of the so-called "Speed Freak Killers" case.
Questions Remain For Families Of Potential 'Speed Freak' Victims After FBI MeetingFamilies of suspected "Speed Freak Killers'" victims meet with the FBI in their search for answers.
Shermantine Writes Another Letter To CBS13 On Search For 'Speed Freak' Victims"Speed Freak Killer" Wesley Shermantine has written another letter to CBS13's Koula Gianulias over the search for his victims.
No Human Remains Found Yet At Linden Well SiteAfter 25 days into its excavation efforts of a filled-in well, the FBI team in Linden has not discovered any human remains thus far.
New 'Speed Freak Killer' Letter Claims Investigators Digging In Wrong AreaA letter from death row claims FBI investigators who are searching for more speed freak killer victims are digging in the wrong spot.
FBI Team Ready To Excavate Linden Well In Search For Human RemainsAfter nearly two weeks of site preparation, an FBI team is ready to begin sifting through soil from a Linden well in the search for human remains, the agency said Wednesday.
DNA Results Of Commingled Remains Of Speed Freak Killers' Victims ReleasedResults of DNA testing revealed the identity of the commingled remains of “Speed Freak” victims discovered in October.
FBI Excavating Linden Well In Search Of Remains Of The Speed Freak Killers’ VictimsInvestigators appear to have resumed their search for remains of the victims of the Speed Freak Killers’ in the town of Linden.
Little Revealed In Public Records Act Request On Commingled Speed Freak RemainsSeveral Public Records Act requests were put in by CBS13 on the commingled remains discovered in October, but to little avail.
Sheriff’s Department Saying Little Over Mixed Up Victim RemainsThe remains of a Speed Freak Killers’ victim turned over to a mother turned up at least one victim that law enforcement never knew about.
Woman Demands Investigation Of Sheriff After Commingled Remains DiscoveredA local woman is demanding an investigation into the San Joaquin County Sheriff, because she says the sheriff is disrespecting the dead and failing to protect his community.
Mixed Victim Remains Being Tested In Missing Person Cold CaseA new report shows there may be more Speed Freak killer victims’ remains discovered than law enforcement previously released.