Lorez Herzog

Wesley Shermantine

‘Speed Freak Killer’ Adamant FBI Digging In Wrong Place For Victim Remains

The public hears for the first time from “Speed Freak Killer” Wesley Shermantine about the FBI’s latest dig for victims’ remains.


Wesley Shermantine

Convicted Killer Shermantine Released To Help In Search For Victims

CBS13 confirmed Monday that convicted killer Wesley Shermantine was released from prison to point out potential grave sites for victims of the killing spree he participated in years ago.


Shermantine and Koula BW

CBS13 Exclusive: Death Row Interview With Wesley Shermantine

After 14 years of denying responsibility for the murders, convicted serial killer Wesley Shermantine is now admitting to his involvement.


Rob Dick

Investigator Doesn’t Doubt Shermantine’s Claim Of 70-Plus Victims

In his second letter to CBS13, convicted killer Wesley Shermantine said there were many more victims he pins on Loren Herzog and a third man who’s never been caught. A private investigator has no doubts there are dozens more bodies yet to be found.