Mayor Kevin Johnson

France Train Hero Anthony Sadler Center Of Sermon At Father’s ChurchShilo Baptist Church in Oak Park welcomed back hometown hero Anthony Sadler for services Sunday morning.
Parade Announced For 3 Sacramento Men Involved In French Train AttackSacramento is throwing a parade for the three local men who stopped a gunman aboard a French train.
Sacramento Councilman Accused Of Harassment Says Public Should Be Concerned About Public OfficialsAllen Warren entered city hall facing questions on camera about a staffer's sexual harassment claim filed against him.
Judge: No Merit City Contributed ‘Secret Subsidy’ For New Sacramento Kings ArenaA judge has ruled in favor of the City of Sacramento in a lawsuit that alleged the mayor and staff defrauded the public in the new arena deal.
Emails Show Kevin Johnson's Plot To Oust Head Of National Black Mayors GroupThe City of Sacramento has released more than 6,100 emails which reveal how Mayor Kevin Johnson and his staff were consumed with an outside project that would benefit him.
Emails Show Kevin Johnson's Plot To Oust Head Of National Black Mayors GroupThe emails that were made public suggest involvement by Johnson and his staff on conference matters, including a PowerPoint presentation detailing Johnson’s strategy to oust the group’s executive director and take over.
Judge Delays Public Release Of Mayor Kevin Johnson's EmailsJudge Christopher Krueger sorted through an email dispute with questions about how the mayor’s private Gmail accounts Johnson claims are protected by attorney-client privilege landed on city servers.
Mayor Kevin Johnson Denies Allegations In Sexual Harassment ClaimThe claim paints a picture of a mayor forcing himself on a woman who works there. The mayor says it never happened, and the city attorney is backing him up.
Mayor Johnson Subject Of Sexual Harassment Claim By City EmployeeIn an impromptu press conference early Thursday morning, Mayor Kevin Johnson addressed a new sexual harassment claim leveled against him.
Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson Wants Office Budget Steeply IncreasedOn the same week of the premiere, the city’s proposed budget is also out, calling for taking money and staffing in the mayor’s office to new highs.
Mayor Kevin Johnson, Police Union Leader Repairing Rift In Washington, D.C.The two sides had a feud following the decision by a grand jury to not indict a Ferguson police officer in the shooting death of Michael Brown.
Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson Under Fire After Ferguson Grand Jury RemarksJohnson stands by what he said at the community forum when he was quoted as saying the Ferguson decision was a “sad day for America,” and injustice that “just doesn’t feel right.”