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Best Outdoor Basketball Courts In Sacramento

Looking for a spot to shoot some hoops in Sacramento? Here’s a look at some of the best outdoor basketball courts in Sacramento.


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Fixes For Fleas At Sacramento’s McKinley Park May Be Difficult To Implement

Families are complaining about swarms of bugs at McKinley Park, and now the city says it’s looking into what it can do to fix the issue.



Possible Flea Infestation At McKinley Park Worries Sacramento Parents

Michelle Prescott says she found dozens of what she believed are fleas on her 20-month-old nephew Benjamin following a trip to McKinley Park.


Easter Egg Hunt

Best Easter Events For Kids In Sacramento

Most of us grew up with a variety of traditions, and the Easter egg hunt was a typical annual event. Things have changed a little since we were children as now there are other events that can be enjoyed.


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Saturday In McKinley Park Interrupted By SUV Plunging Into Pond

The driver of that SUV took everyone by surprise, narrowly missing park pedestrians before taking the vehicle for a swim.



What To Do With One Day In Sacramento

Here’s a list of some places to add to your 24-hour itinerary in Sacramento.


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Grand Opening Of Million-Dollar McKinley Park Rebuild A Culmination Of Volunteer Effort

The grand opening is the culmination of good old-fashioned teamwork where the community came together to rebuild the popular playground. More than 2,000 volunteers pitched in, and built an even better place to play than before.


McKinley Park

McKinley Park Rebuild Complete, Reopens To Public

The McKinley Park playground is officially open to the public.


McKinley Park Rebuild

Hot Temperatures Not Stopping Volunteers Working On McKinley Park Playground

With two days of triple-digit temperatures on the way, volunteers rebuilding at McKinley Park in east Sacramento are finding ways to help keep the crews cool.


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Work Begins On New Playground At McKinley Park

It’s been almost a year since the McKinley Park playground burned to the ground at the hands of an arsonist. But rebuilding begins today.


A suspicious fire destroyed most of the wooden play structure at McKinley Park. (credit:

Volunteers To Begin Rebuilding McKinley Park

McKinley Park will have a brand new playground by next Sunday.


McKinley Park

Mystery Donor For McKinley Park Rebuild Effort Revealed

Someone is donating nearly $50,000 to help rebuild the twice-burned-down play area. The playground burned last week after being rebuilt following a prior fire last July.