Medical Marijuana

Study: Marijuana Dispensaries Linked To Hospital StaysA new study finds an increase in marijuana-related hospitalizations in California neighborhoods with at least one pot shop.
California Takes First Step To Regulate Medical MarijuanaCalifornia took the first step Thursday to regulate its nearly 20-year-old medical marijuana industry, one that lawmakers said currently resembles something out of the "wild, wild West."
Medical Marijuana Advocates Target Yuba County Supervisor For RecallDaniel Aspin and hundreds from his cannabis club aren’t taking the new ordinance lightly. Leaders of a local medical marijuana coalition served Yuba County Supervisor Andy Vasquez with recall papers. The group would only need 1,100 signatures to remove him from office.
Medical Marijuana Bill Would Place Harsher Standards On Dispensaries, DoctorsIf that bill passes, it would require those who grow, transport and sell pot to be licensed by the state. Doctors would be banned from prescribing pot at clinics in which they had a financial interest, and it would require all clinic employees to complete cannabis classes.
Sacramento Medical Marijuana Delivery App May Conflict With City LawAlmost 100 orders have been processed since the app launched just two weeks ago, but according to the city, delivering pot to your door is not allowed.
Judges: Why Is Justice Department Trying To Shut Down Pot Stores After Promise Not To?A federal appeals court questioned Tuesday why the Department of Justice was trying to shut down a large California medical marijuana dispensary in light of recent indications the department would not go after pot stores.
Modesto Father Says Medical Marijuana Helped Calm Son's Seizures"Jayden was suffering and dying and I was wearing out. I was losing it," Jason Davis said. "I asked God for a sign, and the first sign he showed me was medical marijuana."
Health Insurers Just Say No To Marijuana Coverage Patients who use medical marijuana for pain and other chronic symptoms can take an unwanted hit: Insurers don't cover the treatment, which costs as much as $1,000 a month.
San Diego Approves Rules For Medical Pot Shops San Diego passed regulations Tuesday to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to legally operate in the city.
Rancho Cordova Company Offering Insurance For Marijuana BusinessesGP Insurance Brokers sells marijuana crop insurance to business owners across the country, and business is booming.
Keidel: NFL Mansions And ExpansionsForever high on hubris, the sport is pondering extra games, playoff teams, and new franchises, perhaps in London or Los Angeles. And it feels like all are in the name of profit, not principle.
West Sacramento Bans Outdoor Medical Marijuana Grows After ComplaintsWest Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon says the city had twice as many marijuana-related complaints filed in 2013 than in 2012.