Mercy San Juan Medical Center


Robots Expand Hospitals’ Limited Access To Specialists

A high-tech tool is changing the way some local hospitals are treating patients.


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Robots Let Doctors ‘Beam’ Into Remote Hospitals

Remote presence robots are allowing physicians to “beam” themselves into hospitals to diagnose patients and offer medical advice during emergencies.


Jennifer Gallegos

Carmichael Hospice Center Defends Denying Dying Mother Care Because Neighborhood Isn’t Safe

A Carmichael hospital is standing by its decision to stop helping a dying cancer patient after a hospice nurse felt unsafe in the woman’s Sacramento neighborhood.


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Viewers Reach Out To Woman Denied Hospice Care Because Of Where She Lives

For Jennifer Gallegos, it’s been a hectic few days. In her mother’s final days, she’s been scrambling to find hospice care. Madrid’s pain medication and medical supplies for her cancer had run out.


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UC Davis Hospice Taking Over Cancer Patients Care After Hospital Refuses To Come

UC Davis Hospice Care is taking over the care of a cancer patient who was denied care by a Carmichael hospital.


madrid dying

Daughter Says Dying Mother Denied Hospice Care Because Neighborhood Isn’t Safe

But a couple of days ago, they ran out of pain medication, because hospice workers from Mercy San Juan Medical Center decided not to return to her home, saying they didn’t feel safe.


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Sacramento Nurse’s Online Master’s Degree Propelled Her Career

Senior Director of Medical Surgical Nursing Lucinda Wiseman advocates the benefits of earning a degree online.