Collected fragments of the meteorite. (Credit: UC Davis/NASA)

Diamonds Found In El Dorado County Meteorite

Diamonds are now a scientist’s best friend.


File photo of meteorites (credit: Jorge Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images)

UC Davis Gets Chunk Of Rare Meteorite That Fell In Gold Country

Five U.S. academic institutions will share parts of a rare meteorite that exploded in a fireball over California last year.


meteorite hunters

Coloma Businesses Flooded With Meteorite Hunters

Not only are the meteorite hunters the talk of the town but they’re also causing a boom in business for locals who have to hire extra staff to accommodate the crowd.



Coloma Business Booms From Meteorite Hunt

Coloma’s Union Town Cemetery may be open to the public but it also sits on private property, Nikki Holme’s property. But last week she had a few unwanted visitors looking for meteorite rocks.


A stay-at-home mom found this meteorite in Lotus (credit: CBS13)

Mom Stumbles Onto Meteorite Worth About $20,000

People from all over the world are in the tiny town of Lotus in El Dorado County looking for something that’s out of this world, but leave it to a stay-at-home mom walking her dog to find a precious meteorite.


File photo of meteorites (credit: Jorge Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images)

Meteorites From Giant Fireball Found In Sierra Foothills Town

Tiny meteorites found in the Sierra foothills of Northern California likely were part of a giant fireball that exploded in daylight with about one-third the explosive force of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II, scientists said Wednesday.


This small meteorite landed on the roof of a Sacramento man's home in August. (credit: CBS13)

Sacramento Man’s House Hit By Meteorite

There’s a lot of anticipation worldwide about a NASA satellite that is falling toward Earth, but a Sacramento man already had an experience with falling matters from space.