Michelle Rhee Not Aiming For Position In Trump AdministrationWith speculation flying after meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, Michelle Rhee released a statement aiming to clarify her intentions.
Michelle Rhee, Wife Of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, Not Registered To Vote In SacramentoMichelle Rhee has been a very visible part of her husband’s strong-mayor campaign for Measure L. The ballot measure would change the city’s charter to allow the mayor to hire and fire the city manager, as well as veto decisions by the city council.
Report: Michelle Rhee Stepping Down From StudentsFirstRhee is the wife of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson. The two met while she was a board member at Sacramento's St. Hope from 2006 to 2007. They were engaged in 2010 and married in 2011.
Michelle Rhee Lays Out Plans For Sacramento SchoolsSacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and his wife Michelle Rhee have kicked off an event to transform schools across the country, and they're learning a lesson, not everyone's on board.
Mayor Kevin Johnson Marries Michelle RheeMayor Kevin Johnson and Michelle Rhee married over the weekend.