Police: Men Hunted Victim In Midtown Sacramento On Periscope

With Gonzalez narrating the entire time, the two men claim they’re on their way to take care of a man who may be with one of their girlfriends.

8 hours ago

handle district

Handle District Fees Go Toward Improving Small Portion Of Midtown Sacramento

Whether you know it or not, if you decide to frequent a certain area of Midtown, you’re being charged a 1.5 percent tax on food, and retailers are charged a separate fee.



Sacramento Police Investigating Midtown Stabbing As Hate Crime

Timothy Brownell was originally charged with felony assault, but after further investigation they believe he may have yelled f—– before the alleged attack.


rainbow road

Sacramento LGBT Community Raising Funds For Rainbow Crosswalk In Midtown

It seems like a lot of money to spend when there’s nothing wrong with the current crosswalks, but members of Sacramento’s LGBT community who are pushing for more pizzazz say it would make a bold statement.



Sacramento Sampling Streetcar Desire Of Midtown, Downtown Property Owners

The plan would have property owners near the proposed lines decide if they want to pick up $30 million of the investment over 30 years. The process will start with a survey that will be sent out this week.


sacramento fireworks

Sacramento Gearing Up For Chilly New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Old Sacramento is gearing up for its 15th annual New Year’s Eve Sky Spectacular. The event can bring in 25,000 to 40,000 people, and the weather is promising to bring a chilly end to 2014.


Credit: Andrew Singletary

Puppy Caught On Video Being Dumped In Midtown Reunited With Real Owner

A man caught was caught on camera dumping a puppy into a fenced yard in midtown Sacramento.


Credit: CBS13

Organizers Behind TBD Festival Throwing NYE Party In Midtown

With preparations for Christmas still underway, New Year’s Eve is right around the corner too, and the folks who brought you TBD Fest in West Sacramento over the summer are hoping you’ll make it out to their new year’s eve block party in midtown.



Walking Tour Of Sacramento’s Midtown

While there are many different and somewhat defined neighborhoods, the area around what is known as Midtown, which mixes with downtown, is an all around excellent bit of the city to explore on foot.


Photo Credit: Thinkstock

A Breakdown Of Sacramento’s Neighborhoods

From its early beginnings, Sacramento has steadily spread out. As it did so, neighborhoods sprung up and businesses developed. Families gave each of the many named neighborhoods a flavor of their own.


cyclist hit by car

Midtown Cyclist Hit By Car Admits Slashing Driver’s Tires, Says It Was In Self-Defense

Brian Ersen has a broken ankle, bruised ribs, a severed artery near his ear, and most of his body is covered in road rash after police say he was intentionally run over on his bicycle by Tran.


tran hit

Teacher Accused Of Running Down Cyclists In Midtown Sacramento Appears In Court

Dressed in an orange jumpsuit, the 31-year-old faced a judge on charges he allegedly intentionally hit a bicyclist with his car in Midtown, then hit two others as he drove off.