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The Grant Napear Show

The Grant Napear Show – March 17, 2015 – Seg 6

Grant’s former co-host at KHTK Sports 1140, Mike Lamb, joined the show during the sixth segment to discuss his current ventures and how they relate to the recent news coming out of San Francisco concerning […]

KHTK Sports 1140–03/18/2015

The Grant Napear Show

The Grant Napear Show – November 22, 2013

Grant started the show off talking about his trip to Los Angeles and the game that the Kings have with both the Clippers and Lakers this weekend and what he expects from the team as […]

KHTK Sports 1140–11/23/2013

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The Grant Napear Show – September 11, 2012

On the 11-year anniversary of 9/11, Grant started the show by taking a moment to pay tribute to all those who lost their lives. Grant then covered the performances of various teams during week one […]

KHTK Sports 1140–09/11/2012

The Grant Napear Show 640x480

Audio: The Grant Napear Show – June 6, 2011

Grant does the show live from the seventh annual Fred Biletnikoff Hall of Fame Golf Classic Tournament at Catta Verdera Country Club in Lincoln. In the first hour, Grant recaps the NBA finals, USC getting […]

KHTK Sports 1140–06/07/2011

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Audio: Grant Reunites With Mike Lamb To Talk About His New Projects

Mike Lamb reunites with Grant to catch up on his new projects since leaving the show and his involvement with protecting young athletes from concussions and avoiding long term affects from head injuries.

KHTK Sports 1140–06/07/2011