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On The Money: Unemployment Penalty

California employers will be paying higher taxes this year – and many will be surprised to find out the feds are asking them to dig deeper into their pockets.


Credit: Mike Luery

Baseball Between Us

You may know him as the investigative reporter and producer for On The Money, but CBS 13’s Mike Luery has another side you probably haven’t seen. Mike is also an author – and his new book Baseball Between Us launches March 1.



Call Kurtis: They Won’t Accept My Return On Louis Vuitton Purse!

Getting double-charged was the last thing Bia Saruwatari expected when she swiped her debit card at Roseville’s Louis Vuitton store for a purse that cost $1,950 before tax. “We’re not rich,” she said, explaining how […]

CBS Sacramento–12/15/2011

School Construction Costs

On The Money: School Construction Costs

Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) may be costing taxpayers millions of dollars. That’s what researchers from the National University Institute for Policy Research are saying about school construction done under the premises of a PLA.


(credit: Viktor Drachev/Getty Images)

On The Money: Microchipping Pets

California is one step away from requiring microchips for cats and dogs rescued from animal shelters. Pet owners are divided on the measure that promises to save lives – and millions of dollars – but will taxpayers really see the savings?


Gridley Sign

On The Money: Biomass Boondoggle

Millions of taxpayer dollars were spent on an alternative energy plant in Butte County – but the so-called Gridley Project was never built.


San Joaquin County Seal

On The Money: Pension Spiking?

Hundreds of government managers in San Joaquin County are getting an expensive perk that frontline workers do not have. Critics say that perk is costing taxpayers millions of dollars.


Woodbridge Sewage Facility

On The Money: Something Smells In Woodbridge

A San Joaquin County Grand Jury has uncovered strong evidence of dirty deeds at the Woodbridge Sewage District.

CBS13/CW31 Television–07/12/2011

(credit: AP Images)

State Democrats Debate On Twitter

There’s plenty of drama with Democrats at the Capitol – they are flustered over Governor Brown’s budget veto and firing back in cyberspace.


Water DIstrict

On The Money: Rio Linda Water Woes

Insults, infighting and a dysfunctional water board – that’s what the Sacramento County Grand Jury found in the Rio Linda – Elverta Water District.


The California Capitol in Sacramento

On The Money: Big Payday For Welfare Czar

Despite massive cutbacks to programs helping the poor, a newly hired government bureaucrat will take home more than a million dollars in salary and benefits over the next three years.


Governor Brown talks to reporters outside of the capitol

On The Money: Brown Bounces Board

An obscure government board that’s often been called a safe landing pad for former politicians is about to be eliminated by Governor Jerry Brown.