Modesto Irrigation District

water thieves alleged

Modesto Homeowners Decry Public Shaming, Fines From Water District Over Alleged Water Theft

Casey and Diane Johnson have a small garden on their Garst Road property, but the small patch of land recently cost the couple $1,500 and something they say is even more valuable.



Modesto Homeowners Accused Of Stealing Water From Canal, Face $1,500 Fines

Six Modesto homeowners face $1,500 fines for stealing water from the Empire Canal behind their homes. The Modesto Irrigation District said it discovered illegal siphons at the homes of five neighbors and one woman started pumping more water after her allocated share ran out.


poison worries

Vet: Dog Died From Modesto Irrigation District Rodent Poison

MID’s Samantha Wookey says they and other irrigation districts have been using the poison for years to keep squirrels from burrowing in the canal levees.


Dark house

Modesto Irrigation District: Smart Meters Saved $1.8 Million In 18 Months

The district says it’s cracking down on power diversions, as they’re known in the industry, that end up costing other customers.