Maisyn 6 months

Maisyn is 6 months old

Happy 6 months to this little girl who lights up my life! She crawls all over the place now, but I think she’s over it because she’s already trying to stand on her own. She […]



Santa’s Little Helper

Maisyn took her very first photo with Santa over the weekend!  It’s usually pretty easy to get her to smile for a photo, but it didn’t happen that day.  Right when we put her on […]



Five Months with Maisyn

We’re back! I have to be honest with you… I haven’t posted anything on my mommy blog these past months because I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep it. Being a mommy takes up a lot of […]



One Month Old: A Letter to Maisyn

Dearest Maisyn Belle, I will never forget the moment I heard you cry for the first time. It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. I immediately burst into tears. I glanced at […]


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Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems

When my husband and I learned I was pregnant, I’m pretty sure he was expecting a beautiful bump and a glowing, radiant wife. Little did he realize my pregnancy wasn’t always going to be pretty.


baby pic 4

Flashback Friday

In honor of “Flashback Friday,” I wanted to share some baby pictures with you!  Mark and I have been enjoying ourselves, imagining how our baby girl will look.  Will she have my eyes?  Mark’s lips?  Who will she look […]


gus and tink

Big Bro and Big Sis

These past months, I’ve been constantly talking about how excited I am to become a mother.  Well, truth is, I’m already a mommy, sort of.  Meet my babies, Gus and Tink.  They’re turning 4-years-old this year.  […]


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Hormonal Blues

I think my husband realized yesterday, pregnant Audrey is not the same woman he married several years ago, at least for now.  I have been extremely tired, emotional and disoriented these past several days. Earlier this […]



Goodbye 20’s

I turn 30 years old today!  I’ve never been happier. I’m married to the love of my life, we’re expecting our first child, I’m surrounded by amazing family and friends and I’m living my dream […]