Court Rules Against Monsanto, Allows California To Put Cancer Warning On RoundupMonsanto had sued the nation's leading agricultural state, saying California officials illegally based their decision for carrying the warnings on an international health organization based in France.
California Fighting Monsanto On Cancer Labels For Roundup Weed KillerChemical giant Monsanto has sued the nation's leading agricultural producer, saying state officials illegally based their decision for warning labels on an international health organization.
Protesters Block Entrance To Monsanto's Woodland FacilityEnvironmental advocates are risking arrest by blocking the entrance to Monsanto’s Woodland facility Thursday morning.
Honeybee Researchers Search For Answers On Bee Colony CollapseAgricultural interests have worried about the destruction of the key pollinating insects, with bees dying off in various parts of the country, including California.
Activists Protesting GMOs At Woodland MonsantoActivists gathered outside of Monsanto in Woodland on Friday, protesting against genetically modified foods.
Occupy Protesters Target Monsanto On One-Year Anniversary Of MovementMembers of the Occupy Wall Street movement say they plan to celebrate their first year with demonstrations all over the country.