free candy

White Van With ‘Free Candy’ Painted In Red Makes Natomas Parents Nervous

It’s something you would see on Halloween, and it had nervous parents hoping it was just a trick and not really offering treats to children.



Hearing For Man Accused Of Killing, Burying Woman In Natomas Continued Until Tuesday

The man arrested for the death of a woman after her body was found buried in the backyard of a Natomas home appeared in court on Monday.


(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Woman’s Body Found Buried In Backyard Of Natomas Home

A woman was found buried in the backyard of a home in Natomas on Thursday, Sacramento Police said Friday.



Why Are Hundreds Of Birds Perched On Natomas Power Lines?

Birds of a feather are certainly flocking together on three power lines in Natomas, just off of westbound Interstate 80.



After 7 Years, Natomas Construction Ready To Resume

Construction crews readied themselves on Monday to get started as soon as the moratorium officially ended on Tuesday. Homes in partially build subdivisions could be finished by later this summer.


egret invasion

Egret Invasion: Natomas Neighborhood Facing Bird Droppings, Birds Dropping

The next time you’re in Natomas, especially in front of the River Glen Apartment Complex, you may want to look up, and it’s not to dodge rain drops.


boasts 45,000 sq ft. and the loyalty of SacTown skaters from novice to expert. (Credit:

Best Skate Parks In Sacramento

From the physical and mental health benefits of skaters to the positive economic impact on communities, skate parks are essential.


Scene of the incident. (Credit: Sacramento Police Department)

Police: 1 Dead After Shooting In South Natomas

A person is dead after a shooting in the Natomas area Friday morning.


train like pro

Gym Keeps Dream Alive For Sacramento-Area Sports Stars Looking To Take Next Step

Their footwork is fancy, their drive is dominating, and their sweat becomes their second skin in a Sacramento gym where the focus on the future and a lofty goal is at the other end of a very long rope.


one ambulance

Natomas Hopeful Second Ambulance Could Be Coming Soon

Chris Andrew of Sacramento’s firefighters union says the fire department’s goal is to have an ambulance at the scene of life-threatening calls in eight minutes or less. But with one ambulance serving 100,000 Natomas residents, that doesn’t always happen.


father sentenced

Natomas Father Sentenced In Hatchet Execution Of 9-Year-Old Son

Police say the night of the attack, Hernandez grabbed the hatchet from the backyard, walked back into the house, stood over his son who was sleeping on a couch and executed Matthew.


(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Police: Antique Grenade Discovered By Landscapers In Natomas

Police say an antique grenade was discovered by landscapers in Natomas Friday morning.