NBA Lockout

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The Carmichael Dave Show – November 14, 2011

Today’s edition of The Carmichael Dave Show started as an open phone day to talk about whatever you the fans want! Was it the San Francisco 49ers moving to 8-1 with a win over the […]

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Sam Amick Talks About The NBA Players’ Move To Sue The NBA

News broke in the middle of the show the NBA Players have rejected the most recent offer from the NBA and now plan to de-certify and file an anti-trust lawsuit against the NBA. What this […]

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The Grant Napear Show – November 14, 2011

NBA labor negotiations broke off today without anything to show for them, with the likely result being the loss of the entire season. Grant made it clear from the beginning of the show that both […]

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NBA Lockout Begins After Labor Talks Fail

False Bravado Equals NBA Nuclear Winter

By Frank Luna NBA Commissioner David Stern has warned this could be the start of a ‘NBA nuclear winter’ now that the players representatives have turned down the latest owners ultimatum. But the players leadership […]


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The Grant Napear Show – November 11, 2011

Today on the Grant Napear Show there was more Penn State and NFL talk. Grant talked about the upcoming week in the NFL, along with more NBA lockout talk, and updates on the Penn State […]

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Darren Rovell From CNBC On The Financial Fallout From The Penn State Scandal

Darren Rovell from CNBC came on with Grant today. First, Grant asked about the money due to be lost in the NBA lockout with or without a season. Darren also talked about the financial fallout […]

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The Grant Napear Show – November 4, 2011

Today on the Grant Napear show, there was a lot of NBA Lockout talk, as well as NFL and NCAA football. Grant took calls on the lockout and the NBPA possibly de-certifying, as well as […]

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The Grant Napear Show – November 3, 2011

Today, Grant talked about the NFL, as well as the NBA and some college football. Grant took calls about his top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL, as well as the NBA Lockout, and Grant’s issues […]

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Mike Wilbon

Mike Wilbon Talks Boxing And Football With Grant Napear

Mike Wilbon from “Pardon The Interruption” was on with Grant today. They talked about the NBA Lockout, as well as boxing and the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight rumors, after that they finished up talking about the 49ers […]

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New York Times Writer Howard Beck Talks About The NBA Lockout

Howard Beck of the New York Times provides Grant with the latest on the NBA Lockout and what he’s seen while camping out at the negotiations. Howard doesn’t necessarily buy the report that Derek Fisher […]

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The Carmichael Dave Show – November 2, 2011

Jason Ross filled in for Carmichael Dave today, who was out sick. Jason discussed many different topics throughout the show including Sacramento Kings basketball, who were supposed to have their season opener tonight. He also […]

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Sports Writer Jason Jones Talks About Raiders Signing T.J. Houshmandzadeh

Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee talked with Jason Ross about the Raiders and their new signing of T.J. Houshmandzadeh. He also chatted a little bit about the Sacramento Kings and the ongoing NBA lockout.

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