Nevada County

stolen stuff

Second Thief Comes Forward To Repay Part Of Debt To Nevada County School

Here in the kitchen at Grizzly Hill Elementary, they cook local, organic food for students. That organic thief is what someone came to steal.


watch out

Nevada County Parents Warned About Reported Near-Abductions

A 6-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy may have been approached by the same man. Deputies are hesitant with these kinds of reports, but in both cases, they say the information seems very credible.


Environmentalist trees

Sierra Environmentalist Says Tree Cutting Program Causes Landslides

Virginia Moran says the day after trees she showed us in pictures were cut, that Nevada County crews were out scooping up dirt.


church sign

Nevada County Church Ordered To Remove “Support Our Troops” Sign

A church is in a clash with Nevada County after being told to take down a sign with an American flag and a message to support the troops.


Donald Black 2

Sacramento County Deputy Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Teen Formally Charged

Formal charges have been filed against the former Sacramento County deputy accused of sexually assaulting a boy for several years.


Missing Miner Walter Steever

Male Body Found In Search Vicinity Of Missing San Jose Miner

A man’s body has been found Wednesday afternoon near the South Yuba River, where sheriff’s deputies have been searching for a missing miner.


Missing Miner Walter Steever

Search For Missing San Jose Miner Continues In Nevada County Hills

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Department and a team of volunteers searched a rural area near Owl Creek Road in Nevada City.


Jessie Mulligan

Grass Valley Woman Mistakenly Texts Drug Deal To Narcotics Detective

Lt. Steven Tripp says Jessie Mulligan tried to text a friend on Friday to say she had some drugs to sell, but she messed up the number and ended up texting a narcotics detective.


Pot problems

Medical Marijuana Overgrows Tough To Enforce In Nevada County

With only two full-time deputies and lots of rural space, Nevada County has only responded to one-third of marijuana complaints in 2013.


Yogurt bathroom

Grass Valley Froyo Shop Caught Between History And Bathroom Regulations

Inside Culture Shock, it’s no surprise to find a flurry of flavors and tubs of tempting problems. This place has just about everything, including a place to sit. Forty years after opening on historic Mill Street, someone complained to the county that the froyo shop doesn’t have a bathroom.


Pot everywhere

Nevada County Deputies Ditch Shredded Marijuana Along Hiking Trails

Deputies typically bury confiscated plants, since the marijuana goes bad once it’s in the ground. But this time they shredded it in a wood chipper with bamboo and branches, and left it on the side of the trails.


Donald Black 2

Investigators: Illegal Items Found In Home Of Sacramento Deputy Accused Of Molestation

“During their search, we did recover also a couple other items which are illegal,” Royal said. “One was what we believe are anabolic steroids for injection purposes, and also pills we believe are ecstasy.”