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Sacramento Kings Arena Deal Would Create Up To 3,500 Jobs

An agreement this soon doesn’t happen very often, but the work the city put in during the last several years is a big reason the two sides were able to come together so quickly.


An artist's rendering of the proposed Kings arena that would be built in the Sacramento railyards.

Sacramento Kings Owners Finalizing Labor Agreement With Unions For Arena Construction

CBS13 has learned a labor agreement between the unions and the owners of the Sacramento Kings owners for a new downtown arena is coming soon.


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Sacramento Kings Arena Debate Centers Around Public Funding, Chris Hansen’s Involvement

The battle has been raging on in the media for months. Now those for and against the arena are going head-to-head in person.


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CBS13 Exclusive: Mayor Kevin Johnson Reacts To Chris Hansen Arena Bombshell

“I didn’t have any idea. I think early on the Maloofs came out and said they weren’t behind it, so that was kind of relieving. I was relieved to hear that they weren’t. And when we all found out it was Chris Hansen, you know, I was surprised.”


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Hansen Revealed As Mystery Donor, FPPC Says Investigation Of Anti-Arena Funds Not Over

The answer is now in black and white. Chris Hansen’s name is written on overdue campaign-disclosure statements showing he’s paid $100,000.


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Seattle’s Chris Hansen Behind Money Funding Anti-Sacramento Kings Arena Effort

A judge was expected to rule on Monday in the case, but the press conference at the FPPC building is expected to reveal the source of funds.



FPPC Files Lawsuit To Find Funders Of Campaign Against Sacramento Kings Arena

The Fair Political Practices Commission sued a law firm that’s refusing to report who is behind the money being spent. It’s turning into a high-stakes showdown that you won’t see on a new Kings basketball court. This one’s hitting superior court.


Ryan Lillis (Photo Credit:

Sac Bee’s Ryan Lillis Gives An Update On New Arena Lawsuit

Ryan Lillis, Sacramento Bee writer, joined Grant on the show to discuss the lawsuit that was filed today in the Sacramento Superior Court by the Fair Political Practices Commission. Ryan explained that the lawsuit was […]

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FPPC Files Lawsuit To Reveal Cash Source Of Law Firm Linked To Anti-Arena Efforts

The Fair Political Practice Commission filed a lawsuit Thursday afternoon to reveal who is funding the efforts to stop the downtown Sacramento Kings arena.



FPPC Complaint Reveals Maloof Lawyer Funding Effort To Stop Sacramento Kings Arena

The Maloof saga appears to not be over as a complaint filed with a state political watchdog has led to the discovery the family’s attorney is funding an effort to stop construction of a new arena.



Sacramento Kings Asking City To Consider Eminent Domain Against Macy’s Owner

The owner of a Macy’s building in the Downtown Plaza where the arena is proposed to be built isn’t willing to sell the space. In fact, the owner isn’t letting an appraiser on the property. Now the team’s is asking Sacramento city leaders to flex their negotiating muscles.



FPPC Refereeing Political Battle Over Sacramento Kings Downtown Arena

It’s a whole different ballgame, with a scoreboard that’s political paperwork—campaign disclosure statements that are supposed to show political contributions and spending.