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Utah Lawmaker Considers Shutting Off Water Service To Massive NSA Data Storage Facility

Republican Rep. Marc Roberts, of Santaquin, said there are serious questions about privacy and surveillance surrounding the center, and several Utah residents who spoke at a legislative committee hearing Wednesday agreed.


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Ex-NSA Executive Says Utah Data Center A Symbol Of Agency’s Unbridled Power

Thomas Drake said the NSA’s $1.7 billion data storage facility located on a National Guard base stores massive amounts of records on taped phone calls, intercepted emails and poached records of online purchases.


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Zuckerberg Voices Frustration With Obama Over NSA

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he’s called President Barack Obama to express his frustration over what he says is long-lasting damage caused by the U.S. government’s surveillance programs.


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States Proposing Bills To Limit Feds’ Tracking Of Citizens

Angry over revelations of National Security Agency surveillance and frustrated with what they consider outdated digital privacy laws, state lawmakers around the nation are proposing bills to curtail the powers of law enforcement to monitor and track citizens.


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New Bill Would Limit NSA’s Access To California Records, Utilities

The bipartisan bill introduced Tuesday at the state capitol would deny access to power and water from public utilities to NSA facilities in California.


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NSA’s Hack Of Google And Yahoo Traces Back To Reagan Executive Order

Ronald Reagan’s 1981 Executive Order 12333 for the first time in a public, written record allowed foreign covert action to be conducted from inside the U.S.


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Social-Media Lives Redefined By NSA Surveillance Revelations

Some are reviewing and changing their online habits as they reconsider some basic questions about today’s interconnected world. Among them: How much should I share and how should I share it?