Utah Woman Wears Colander For Driver’s License Photo As Religious Statement

Asia Lemmon, whose legal name appears on her driver’s license as Jessica Steinhauser, said the pasta strainer represents her beliefs in the satirical Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


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Police: Naked Man Arrested On Utah Road, Blames Whiskey And Acid

Investigators say the suspect later told them he earlier drank whiskey and used acid and could not recall anything about the incident or arrest.


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Joey Chestnut Set To Defend World Twinkie Eating Championship Title This Weekend

Last year, the 30-year-old Chestnut set a Twinkie-eating world record by consuming 121 Twinkies in six minutes – about one every three seconds.


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Police Recapture Burglary Suspect Who Stole Officer’s Car While In Custody

Authorities say Ward’s second escape happened when he convinced the officer to stop by his house so he could tell his mom he was going to jail.


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Confused Japanese Tourists Trigger Utah Highway Pursuit

A pair of confused Japanese tourists were pulled from their rental car at gunpoint last weekend after they triggered a highway pursuit in southern Utah by not pulling over.


Black Police Precinct And Courthouse Museum Recalls Miami's Segregated Past

Electrician Blames Spice Addiction For Utah Apartment Complex Arson

Dustin Bowman, charged with arson in a downtown Salt Lake City fire that caused $6 million in damage, says he was using drugs daily and going through a tumultuous time of his life, prosecutors said Monday during a detention hearing.



Utah Electrician Accused Of Apartment Arson Wanted To See Fire Department

The downtown Salt Lake City apartment complex fire caused $6 million in damage to the unfinished building.


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Police: Fleeing Sacramento Suspect Shot Himself In Leg During Chase

He tried telling officers it was an old injury he reaggravated while running from cops, but officers didn’t buy it.



Three Accused Of Mailing Meth To Hawaii in Mannequin Heads

Authorities say there was something unusual about three mannequin heads found inside a UPS parcel being mailed from San Bernardino to Hawaii.


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‘Explosives/TNT’ Boxes In Utah Were Actually Soap

Police say the homeowner was doing maintenance on the subfloor of his home when he found the boxes labeled “Explosives/TNT.”


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Skulls Found At Recycling Center Belonged To Deceased Prospector

Frank Shriver’s relatives knew about the skulls but say they were never on display and no one knew exactly how or why Shriver obtained them.


Black Police Precinct And Courthouse Museum Recalls Miami's Segregated Past

Man Pleads Guilty After Trying To Turn Town Into White Supremacist Haven

Kynan Dutton and Craig Cobb wanted to create a voting majority in the community of 23 people so they could turn it into an Aryan enclave