Olivehurst Family Left Wondering Why Their Home Was Sprayed With BulletsGunshots forced a mother in an Olivehurst home to duck for cover and neighbors to flee for safety.
Watchdogs Take To Social Media To Blast Olivehurst Cemetery ConditionsA group that calls themselves the "grave posse" is pushing for better maintenance of the gravesites at Sierra View Memorial Park.
Students Walk Out As Broken Air Conditioner Leaves Olivehurst Classrooms SwelteringThe school district says the problems won’t be fixed until after the hot summer season is over, meaning students will likely have more weeks, if not months, of feeling the heat in the classroom.
Deputies Shoot, Kill Man Who Pointed Weapon At Them In OlivehurstDeputies say they fatally shot a man who pointed a weapon at them late Saturday night.
Man Who Saved Woman, Girl Laments Drowning Victim He Never SawSwallowing water while trying to keep above it, he grabbed a woman and a little girl, bringing them to shore. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment. He learned later there was a woman who didn’t get out—one he never saw—a 27-year-old who still has not surfaced.
California Cities Keep Community Pools Open In Drought, Opting For Other Water SavingsKeeping the pool filled means a lot of water added to maintain levels over the next few months, but the Sunrise Recreation and Park District has made small changes that could lead to big water savings in the long run.
Linda Woman Accused Of Killing Husband, Enlisting 2 Friends To Help Bury BodyMonica Rodriguez and her husband were a young couple that doesn’t seem to have a criminal record.
2 Women Accused Of Helping Bury Marysville Man ArrestedThe two women accused of helping a Marysville woman bury her murdered husband are being held without bail.
Marysville Woman Accused Of Killing Husband, Burying Him With Help Of 2 Other WomenAuthorities say a Marysville woman killed her husband and buried him in a shallow grave.
Olivehurst Utility District Cracking Down On Water Waste In DroughtOPUD will read the meters from June 1 to June 30. Households that use 26 units of water or less will not be penalized. Those that used between 27 and 45 units will be hit with a $25 fine. Those who use more than 45 units will have to pay a $60 penalty.
Call Kurtis Investigates: Share A Name With A Crook? You Could End Up In JailA family man is on the hook to pay back $5,000 bail after being arrested twice on a warrant that belonged to a man who shares the same name.
DA Error: Olivehurst Teen Charged With Manslaughter, Despite His Brother Still Being AliveThe Yuba County District Attorney is apologizing for the mistake and the manslaughter charge filed against 18-year-old Joaquin Orozco.