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On the Money: State Bought $120K Medical Dummy Sources Say Has Never Been Used

Instead of being used to train medical workers, sources said the manikin, called iStan, has been gathering dust in a room at the Veteran Affairs home in West Los Angeles since the manufacturer set it up.


state workers

On The Money: State Park Employees Caught Bowling While On The Clock

Taxpayers paid to fly state employees from Southern California to Sacramento, where they went bowling when their plane landed, and our “On The Money” cameras caught them red handed.


San Joaquin Delta College Superintendent/President Dr. Jeff Marsee (courtesy: Delta College)

On The Money: College President Paid To Stay Away From Campus

Imagine being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to stay away from work – well it happened to a local college president who is now staying home, while taxpayers are footing the bill.


On  The Money: Missing Refunds

On The Money: California Names 500 Biggest Tax Cheats

California is being cheated out of millions of tax dollars by deadbeats who don’t pay their bills, according to a new list revealed Friday by the Board of Equalization, and a Sacramento restaurant is among the worst offenders.


A concept animation shows a possible implementation of the California high speed rail. (Credit: California Rail Authority)

On The Money: Derailing The Bullet Train?

The cost of California’s bullet train is now projected to cost $100 billion – or more: Some California lawmakers say California voters should get a re-do on High Speed Rail, after approving $9 billion in bonds four years ago.


On  The Money: Missing Refunds

On The Money: Undelivered Refund Checks

California wants to return millions of dollars in tax refunds, but tax collectors have been unable to find thousands of people who deserve them.



On The Money: Millionaires Collect Billions in Taxpayer Money

You could call it welfare for the well-off. Taxpayers in America are literally giving billions to people who make millions. That’s right, millionaires are collecting welfare.


Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Maryanne Gilliard questions spending practices by the state Administrative Office of the Courts. (credit: CBS13)

On The Money: Judges Blow Whistle On State Agency’s Hiring

Courthouse delays are more common now because of staffing shortages. But an On The Money investigation has discovered that one government agency — the Administrative Office of the Courts — is growing despite a statewide hiring freeze.


The cost to feed chickens has gone up dramatically in the past five years. (credit: CBS13)

On The Money: Ethanol Production Running Out Chicken Farms?

In the fight for energy independence, there’s a big battle over ethanol, with California taking center stage -– and billions of dollars at stake.


A Congressman wants this empty lot in Los Angeles sold to private investors. (credit: CBS)

On The Money: Empty Lot Costs Taxpayers $400 Million

Taxpayers shelled out $400 million for an empty lot that’s been vacant for 10 years.
A California congressman calls it a prime example of government waste.



On The Money: Diesel Filter Recall

The hard-hit construction industry is taking aim at a California government agency. Critics say the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved equipment now suspected of causing a major forest fire.


Gerald Parker

On The Money: Cost Of Killing The Death Penalty

Nearly two out every three Americans support the death penalty, but California is paying a high price for keeping prisoners on death row — and not executing them.

CBS Sacramento–09/20/2011