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Being A Good Samaritan Carries Legal Risks

Floyd Feeney, a professor at the UC Davis School of Law, says extenuating circumstances may call for physical intervention. But he’s concerned some well-intentioned good Samaritans can make bad decisions and end up in jail, or looking for a good lawyer.



Homeowner Tackles Suspect Who Crashed Through Fence

A short police chase through Orangevale ended in dramatic fashion early Wednesday morning.



Modified Wheels Help Local Man Ride Out Dreams After Paralysis

His enthusiasm and zest for life is not hard to miss.



Search On For Vandals Who Targeted Orangevale Church

Deputies in Orangevale are trying to find the people responsible for vandalizing a church.


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Orangevale Man Accused In Ohio Drug Conspiracy Pleads Guilty

A man accused of transporting or shipping over $1.5 million in drug trafficking money has pleaded guilty to federal drug and money laundering charges in Ohio.


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Woman, 82, Fatally Hit By Car In Orangevale

Police say that the sun blinding a driver looks to be to blame for a traffic accident that took the life of a 82-year-old Orangevale woman.


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Body Pulled From Orangevale House Fire

Fire crews are at the scene of a house fire off of Main Avenue near Orangevale.


Courtesy: Calfiornia Fish And Wildlife

Bear Spotted Roaming In Orangevale, Captured By Fish And Wildlife

The 250-pound ursine intruder was found near Oak Avenue Parkway, where California Fish and Wildlife staff shot it with a tranquilizer dart gun.


blind egg hunt

Blind Children ‘See’ With Ears In Special Orangevale Easter Egg Hunt

The children search for eggs that beep with their ears, an idea that started originally on the baseball field.


vet dog

Orangevale Soldier Forced Out Of Home Over Service Dog Dispute

Zorro is a family member, friend and service dog to Eric Solanga, an Iraq War veteran coping with post-traumatic stress disorder.


Pigs attacked

Vandals Break Into High School’s Barn, Sets Pigs Loose From Pens

Bo Nicholas says he found the door to the barn pried off its hinges when he came to school, and the pigs had all been let out of their pens. He says that last part is very dangerous, because they fight each other.



Orangevale High School Dance Team To Perform At Candlestick Park

A Sacramento area dance team is getting an opportunity of a lifetime to dance on the field at Candlestick Park.