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Alleged Peeping Tom Pleasures Himself On Woman’s Porch; Why Didn’t Police Take Report?

The department says the officer should have taken a report immediately, and are using this opportunity to talk to their officers on how they talk to potential victims.


(Credit: Stockton Police Department)

UPDATE: Stockton Police Arrest Suspected Peeping Tom Caught On Tape

Two weeks after releasing a video of a peeping tom looking into the bedroom window of a Stockton girl, police have made an arrest.


credit: CBS

Stockton Peeping Tom Video Receives Thousands Of Views On Cops’ Facebook Page

The video is enough to make your skin crawl: a peeping tom caught staring at a girl through a window at her Stockton home.


credit: CBS

Stockton Peeping Tom Caught On Tape

A peeping tom was caught on tape looking into the bedroom window of a girl in Stockton on Friday morning, and now detectives hope that surveillance video will lead them to the culprit.


Carlos Carranza

Alleged Peeper Caught Recording Women In Bathroom

Snapped in a stall, women were robbed of their privacy as they were recorded in the bathroom next to a popular midtown restaurant.


Roberto Molina Jr.

Davis Police Arrest Peeping Tom Suspect

Davis police officers have arrested a suspected Peeping Tom who may be connected to several other cases.


Davis Apartment

Alleged Peeping Tom Attacks Camera-Carrying Bystander

A neighbor who confronted an alleged peeping tom outside a Davis apartment was attacked and lost his camera in the subsequent scuffle.


Peeping Tom In Davis

Davis Man Seen Peering Into Windows

A peeping tom has Davis Police warning people to stay on guard tonight. Police got the call last night that a man was seen peering into windows around 9th and F streets.