Pension Reform

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Gov. Brown Signs California Pension Reform Bill

California Gov. Jerry Brown will sign into law sweeping pension changes that is projected to save taxpayers billions of dollars in the future.



Pension Reform Measures Grilled During Workers’ Labor Day Barbecue

Working and retired state employees were grilling more than hotdogs at their annual Labor Day picnic on Monday. They were also grilling a decision by state lawmakers to approve the biggest cutback in their benefits in state history.


California Governor Jerry Brown Unveils State Pension Reform Program

Brown Announces Pension Reform Plan, But Is It Enough?

Gov. Jerry Brown announced a new plan Tuesday to reform California’s broken public employee pension system, compromising on some aspects of the plan he’d presented earlier.


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UPDATE: Brown Gets Partial Win In California Pension Reform

Gov. Jerry Brown has announced systematic reforms to California’s badly underfunded public pension system that he says will save taxpayers billions of dollars over time.


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Poll: Californians Support Caps, Higher Age For Pensions

A new poll finds Californians overwhelmingly support capping pension benefits and raising the minimum retirement age for public employees.


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Gov. Brown Asks For More Time On Pension Reform

Gov. Jerry Brown is asking for more time to negotiate public pension reform with state lawmakers.


Sacramento is certainly realizing its potential.

San Jose, San Diego Pass Pension Reform, See New Opponents

San Diego and San Jose voters overwhelmingly passed pension cuts for public employees in Tuesday night’s election, and it could be a sign of more to come across California.


California Governor Jerry Brown Unveils State Pension Reform Program

Republicans Now Backing Gov. Brown’s Pension Plan

In a move that blurs the line between right and left, Republicans are tag-teaming with an unlikely ally — Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown.


State Capitol

Republicans Challenge Democrats On Pension Reform

Republican lawmakers are challenging Gov. Jerry Brown to get Democratic support for the pension reforms he introduced four months ago.


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Poll: Majority Support Gov. Brown’s Pension Reform

A new Field Poll finds bipartisan support among California voters for Gov. Jerry Brown’s pension proposal, with nearly two-thirds saying they support reduced retirement benefits for new and current public workers.


The California Capitol in Sacramento

On The Money: Special Session Urged On Pensions

Senate Republicans today urged Governor Jerry Brown to launch a special session at the Capitol to fix California’s broken pension system.


California Gov. Jerry Brown delivers a keynote address during the 2011 Pacific Coast Builders Conference on June 23, 2011 in San Francisco, California.  California Gov. Jerry Brown delivered his address as State legislators scramble to revise a budget that Gov. Brown vetoed.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Analysis: Brown’s Pension Plan Bold Step To Reform

The state’s nonpartisan analyst is calling Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to reform the public pension system a “bold, excellent starting point” for controlling the high cost of retirement benefits.