El Dorado County's Pension Problem Is Getting More ExpensiveThe huge increase in CalPERS costs is going to adversely affect our fire districts as they continue to attempt to provide fire and emergency medical services in our county.
Analyst: California Teacher Pension Reform May Not Save State AnythingThat outcome would fall short of the Legislature's intent to require that the state, school districts and teachers all share the cost of erasing the $74 billion unfunded liability.
Gov. Brown Tackling California's $72B Retiree Health LiabilityAfter tackling pension changes for public employees and teachers, Gov. Jerry Brown is now setting his sights on another big debt: retiree health care benefits.
Gov. Jerry Brown Urges CalPERS To Quickly Address Rising Pension CostsHe urged California's largest public pension fund to act quickly to address rising costs saying failure to do so would widen the fund's liabilities by billions of dollars.
Legislation Would Protect Calif. Transit MoneyGov. Jerry Brown and Democrats in the state Assembly have drafted legislation they hope will help California keep about $1.6 billion in federal transportation money after the state scaled back some public employee pension benefits.
Twin Rivers Pension Perk Has Parents, Teachers OutragedA rare pension perk for top administrators is costing a local school district tens of thousands of dollars—something parents and teachers were outraged over.
Pension-Share Increase Could Stymie City Plans Across StateElk Grove will be forking out an additional $1.5 million dollars a year to cover increasing public pension costs.
Retiring Police Chief Set To Receive Pension Nearly Equal To Current SalarySacramento's top cop is calling it quits, but the checks will sure keep coming. At 53-years-old, Chief Rick Braziel will pocket a pension of about $200,000 dollars a year for life.
CalPERS Told To Cut Profit Returns By Half-PercentThe chief actuary of California's main pension fund is urging it to lower its assumed rate of return on investments. That likely would force the state and 3,000 local agencies to increase their annual contributions.
Study Finds $135.7B In Local Pension LiabilitiesA Stanford University think tank says two dozen local governments in California face a combined $135.7 billion in unfunded pension liabilities.
On The Money: $100,000 Pension Club UpdateA three-month investigation by CBS 13 reveals the list of retired government workers collecting six-figure pensions has grown by more than 3,000 names in the past year.
Study: Hybrid Pension Plans Would Save BillionsA new study by a pension-reform group suggests California state and local governments could save billions of dollars a year by moving to a hybrid retirement plan similar to one used by the federal government.