CalPERS Committee Approves Higher Pension Calculations

A state pension fund committee has approved retirement calculations for new hires despite concerns about pension spiking raised by Gov. Jerry Brown and local governments.


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Gov. Brown Vows To Start Debate Over Teacher Pensions

In Gov. Jerry Brown’s promise to start paying off California’s massive liabilities, the largest single unfunded debt will not be seeing any additional pay-down in the coming fiscal year.


Roseville Police Union

Roseville City Council Votes To Make ‘Best And Final’ Offer To Police Union

The Roseville City Council passed a motion to have the city’s police officers begin paying into their own pensions.


Roseville Police Union

Roseville Police Cry Foul Over Emergency Pension Meeting

The meeting was originally supposed to happen on June 5, but the city called for a special emergency meeting Thursday at 11 a.m. and didn’t notify the police union.


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Vallejo Man Allegedly Hid Dead Father To Collect Pension Money

Neighbors complained about the smell, and deputies would make the disturbing discovery of a body in the backyard.


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Opinion: A Doctor’s Opinion Of Obamacare

Good, hard-working Americans shouldn’t be forced to contemplate leaving their chosen profession as they are with federal laws such as Obamacare.


Members Of Nat'l Governors Association Speak To Press After White House Meeting With Obama

Right On Blog: Brown Ducking Pensions is Smart Politics

his week the California Legislature will consider over 650 bills in committee, the last opportunity for bills to be heard this year. Incredibly, Governor Brown’s modest pension reform package will not be one of them.


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Modesto Voters Back Pension Reform Advisory Measures

Voters in Modesto are strongly supporting three advisory measures aimed at reforming the pensions of city employees.


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Governor Unveils Aggressive Pension Reform Plan

Gov. Jerry Brown unveiled details of his pension proposal Thursday that seeks to move new California state workers to a hybrid system where guaranteed benefits are combined with a 401(k)-style plan and would raise the retirement age from 55 to 67 for civil workers, as union leaders lined up to oppose his plans.


Governor Brown’s Battle Cry

The media wasn’t even sure Monday’s “State of the State” address was going to happen. A few weeks ago, the buzz was Governor Jerry Brown wasn’t going to give one. After all, he’d already spoken […]



UC Execs Demand Big Pension Boost

Top executives at the University of California are threatening to sue if employees earning more than $245,000 annually do not receive a major pension hike.