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3-Week-Old Baby Dies From Whooping Cough In San Joaquin County

Officials say an infant in San Joaquin County has died from whooping cough.


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California Battling Its Worst Whooping Cough Epidemic In 70 Years

California is battling the worst pertussis epidemic recorded in the state in seven decades.



Yolo County Officials Perplexed By Unusual Spike In Whooping Cough Cases

Dr. Constance Caldwell with the Yolo County Health Department is puzzled by the spike, because nearly 95 percent of kids in Yolo County public schools are vaccinated.


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Study: Whooping Cough Vaccination Fades In Three Years

The vaccine against whooping cough falters after only about three years, a preliminary study suggests, adding support to school rules requiring kids to get the vaccination periodically.


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Dozens Of Students Sent Home For Missing Vaccine Deadline

Dozens of students were sent home from school Wednesday and dozens more didn’t even show up after the new deadline for vaccination against whooping cough passed.


Whooping Cough Vaccination Deadlines

Local school districts have issued deadlines for students to get whooping cough vaccinations. See the list of school districts and the deadline for each.