Credit: Roseville P.D.

Woman Arrested In Roseville For Allegedly Using Teen As Pimp

A teenager was arrested for allegedly pimping a woman twice his age in Roseville.


pimp couple

Police Arrest Man And Woman For Pimping Two Missing Teen Girls

Two people were caught and cuffed in Sacramento for allegedly selling young girls for sex.


Sex Slave Arress

Family Members Arrested For Prostituting Girls

Six people, including a mother and her four daughters, are accused of running a sex slave ring. Police say for three years the women sold underage teens for sex, and they now face felony criminal charges.


Kyndra Devore

Student Accused Of Pimping Underage Girl

A high school senior has been accused by federal authorities of pimping a 14-year-old girl, but stunned family members defended her against the charges.

CBS13/CW31 Television–05/11/2011