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Court Upholds Los Angeles Rule That Porn Actors Must Wear Condoms

A federal judge rejected the claims of porn producers that requiring actors to wear condoms was a violation of their free speech rights.


The number of permits filed to film porn in Los Angeles County has fallen since a law requiring condom usage went into effect. (Getty Images)

After L.A. County Condom Law, Porn Film Permits Plummet

The number of permits pulled to make porn films in Los Angeles County has declined an estimated 95 percent — from about 480 issued in 2012 to only 24 through the first nine months of this year — since a law requiring adult film actors to use condoms took effect.



HIV-Infected Porn Actors Call For Condom Use

A handful of HIV-positive porn actors called on the adult film industry Wednesday to require that condoms be used on all film sets, saying a recent outbreak of infections proves the industry’s mandate that performers be tested every 14 days isn’t working.



Child Finds Porn On Christmas Gift Tablet

A local 9-year-old was nice but ended up with something naughty after receiving a tablet for Christmas. When she turned it on, she found hardcore pornography.


Rolling Hills Church, Porn

Church Dedicating Weekend To Pornography

An El Dorado County church is taking an unusual approach to tackling a touchy subject but hopes their tactics spark conversations about the effects of pornography on families.


Porn In Church

The Roll Hill Church is discussing the touchy subject of pornography in multiple events this weekend.