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Woman Marking Voting Form

A Presidential Candidate Going By ‘Deez Nuts’ Is Polling Disturbingly High With Voters

by Alyssa Pereira The presidential vote isn’t even until next November, and yet, we’re already reveling in the farce pretending to be a serious election. Although thus far the main event has been the clown car driver that […]


GOP Candidate Mitt Romney Campaigns In Michigan

Is Snyder Surprise Pick For Romey VP?

Could Michigan Governor Rick Snyder be the next Vice President of the United States? According to a Tampa Republican political consultant, that’s a possibility if GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney wins the race.


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Romney In Continuing Controversy Over Planned Parenthood Remarks

A coordinated attack by Democrats on Mitt Romney’s plan to “get rid of” Planned Parenthood to help balance the federal budget is part of a larger campaign to ensure that Romney and other Republicans lose credibility with female voters.


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Mitt Romney Makes Fundraising Stop In California

Mitt Romney launched a fundraising swing through California Tuesday, looking to cash in on his status as the provisional front-runner in the unsettled Republican presidential field.