FBI Breaks Into San Bernardino Gunman's iPhone Without Apple's HelpThe FBI says it has used a mystery method to break into gunman's iPhone without Apple's help, ending the court case.
Missing Ski Instructor's Father Wants Privacy Rules Eased For Search And Rescue EffortsIt’s too soon for his father, Mike May, to talk about how the search for his son has been suspended, but he presses that better technology and faster access to that technology could have helped him in this situation.
Spotify Clears Up Controversial Privacy Policy After ComplaintsSpotify is clarifying its new privacy policy after social media users accused the music and video streaming service of trying to access personal information without permission.
Will The Internet Listen To Your Private Conversations?Like a lot of teenagers, Aanya Nigam reflexively shares her whereabouts, activities and thoughts on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks without a qualm.
Revenge-Porn Website Operator Convicted In San DiegoIt's believed to be the first conviction of an operator of a revenge-porn website since a California law was enacted in October 2013.
Privacy Groups Take 2nd Hit On License Plate Data
Some Concerned About Car Computers' Effect On PrivacyConnecting to the web on the road is a convenience that could be harming us. What is saved and shared has people concerned.
New Car Technology Leads To Concerns About Invasion Of PrivacyFrom TVs to automobiles, buying new often means getting the latest technology, from touch screens to wi-fi capability. But is there a price for this accessibility?
Court: Police Departments Must Identify Officers Involved In On-Duty ShootingsThe California Supreme Court ruled Thursday that police departments must in most cases divulge the names of officers involved in on-duty shootings.
Consumer Data Bills Face Business Opposition California lawmakers are trying to strengthen consumer data protections as businesses profit from the trove of details they collect and criminals become ever more sophisticated in trying to steal it.
California Pushes To Finish Driverless Car RulesDMV considering how to regulate cars that rely on computers to do the driving.
Facebook Poised To Roll Out More Privacy ControlsFacebook is trying to make its privacy controls easier to find and understand in an effort to turn the world's largest social network into a more discreet place.