Study: Failure Can Be Rewarding

Study finds learning from mistakes can activate the same brain chemicals as successes.



Study: Fishy Smells Make People More Skeptical

Researchers found that a fishy smell may trigger parts of the brain that control critical thinking.


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Researcher: Virtual Reality Can Change How Kids Play In The Real World

Researchers at Stanford University are testing how children react to Virtual Reality simulations and whether they can separate those experiences from real life.


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Study: Users Not Trying To Brag On Facebook

According to a new study, people are more modest and humble about sharing good news on Facebook than they are about bad news.


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Sacramento Teacher Relies On Psychology Degree To Help In The Classroom

Education was this Sacramento teacher’s second career but she chose educational psychology to enhance her teaching skills and interaction with her students.


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Marriage and Family Therapist In Sacramento Used Volunteer Work To Fine Tune Her Career

Danae Azevedo explains how recent graduates can find paid work opportunities by first seeking volunteer gigs.


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Therapist Expresses The Need For Continuing Education In Professional Career In Sacramento

Jennifer Lombardi, a marriage and family therapist, believes there are going to be numerous new job opportunities due to the growing diversification of health care, especially within the area of mental health.


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Sacramento Psychology Degree Leads To Unexpected Job

Sometimes your career choices don’t always align with your degree, but whatever you choose to do for a living, a degree can help you to succeed.


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Study: Facebook Could Have Positive Effects On Self-Esteem, Behavior

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have found that users of Facebook are benefiting psychologically from participating on the social networking site.


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Lawsuit Filed Over California Gay Teen Therapy Law

A Christian legal group has filed a lawsuit to overturn a first-of-its-kind California law that prohibits licensed mental health professionals from practicing therapies aimed at making gay and lesbian teenagers straight.


Choose Calm

It’s been a tough few weeks. First, the crisis that threatened a history-making national debt default. Then, the dizzying drops of the Dow. This latest financial drama is playing out against an international backdrop of rioters […]

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