Former Soldier Hopes Navy Yard Shooting A Wake-Up Call For People Dealing With PTSD

Gene Silvestri lives in Sacramento. He’s spent years suffering, now dealing with PTSD, after trauma he experienced in the U.S. Army. His violent outbursts and overreactions are something many who suffer with the mental disorder don’t want to admit.


Citrus Heights Veterans center

Veterans Center’s Future Uncertain After Thieves Steal $5,000 Worth Of Equipment

While the $5,000 of equipment that was stolen was a big loss, the bigger loss was the master contact list of donors, which can never be replaced.


Oakdale double murder suspect Ryan Mazzariello

Military Deployment Damaged Oakdale Murder Suspect, Mother Says

A 15-year-old boy and a 20-year-old were gunned down in front of an Oakdale store this week, but the suspect’s mother says her son is also a victim.