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Freddy (credit: Jennifer Henderson)

Brazen Thieves Drive Off With Sacramento Woman’s Puppy

A Sacramento woman hopes a public plea will help find the criminals who drove up and stole her puppy.



Puppy Recovering After Being Run Over

A car hit a puppy and drove off, but who drove up next made sure she would survive.



Best Vet Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy in Sacramento

Meridian Veterinary Care (916) 342-1245 info@meridianvetcare.com http://www.meridianvetcare.com Sacramento veterinarian Angie Stamm knows a lot more than how to treat a dog’s flea allergy or the steps to stitch up a wound from a cat fight. […]



Best Places To Adopt Puppies And Kittens In Sacramento

Add a happy, healthy shelter pet to your Sacramento home by sourcing locally and skipping the stores. Adopters save on veterinary costs and have a helping hand when new pets pose problems. All of the groups […]


Puppy Shot Disabled

Puppy Shot In The Neck With Pellet

A puppy was shot in the neck in its own front yard and neighbors say this isn’t the first time an animal has been hit on their street.


Photo Credit: ThinkStock

Best Clothing For Your Spoiled Dog In Sacramento

Animal lovers know there is really no such thing as a “spoiled” dog; there are only hounds who are finally getting the kind of treatment they so richly deserve. Sacramento has a wealth of opportunities […]