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Bat Found At Davis Park Tests Positive For Rabies

A bat found crawling on the ground at a Davis park has tested positive for rabies, prompting a warning by Yolo County officials.


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Authorities Searching For 2 Dogs Suspected In Davis Dog Bite Incidents

Two dog separate dog bite incidents has authorities scrambling to prevent two young children from getting post-exposure rabies treatments.


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Davis Officials Warning Residents Not To Touch Dead Bats

There’s a problem with some of the bats living under the bridge Rory Osborne bikes over at Covell Boulevard. At least two of a dozen bats that have dropped dead recently tested positive for rabies.


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Los Angeles County Warning Residents Of Spike In Rabid Bats

Los Angeles County health officials are warning that a record number of rabid bats have been found this year, and residents should avoid them.


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Rabid Bats Cause Concern In Yolo County

A sharp increase in the number of diseased bats has raised concerns of rabies infections in humans, according to Yolo County authorities.


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Raccoons Killed After Another Attack In Sacramento

Three raccoons were shot and killed by Animal Control officers after the animals attacked a woman and her dog Tuesday night.


A family of raccoons. (dnr.wi.gov)

Health Officials Warn Residents About Rabid Raccoons

Aggressive raccoons have attacked a few residents within the past week, prompting concerns from city health officials that the animals could be infected with rabies.


Precious Reynolds, Rabies Survivor

Girl Heads Home After Surviving Rabies

An eight-year-old girl is heading home after a grueling two-month battle with rabies.

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NorCal Girl Survives Rabies Without Vaccination

An 8-year-old girl who contracted rabies — likely from a feral cat — is a rare survivor of the infection without having received the life-saving vaccine, hospital officials said Sunday.

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