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Real Estate

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California Home Sales Dip Slightly In February

California homes sales dipped slightly last month and so did prices but the state still seems on the road to recovery after a five-year housing slump.


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Call Kurtis: How Lucky Numbers May Help Sell Homes Quicker

What’s in a number? When it comes to the housing market… a lot.


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Lake Tahoe Real Estate Sees Rise In Million Dollar Home Sales

Home sales are on the rise across California, and the number of homes sold across the state jumped 2.7 percent in January over the same time a year ago.


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10 Jobs With A High Starting Salary

Sacramento’s higher education graduates in some fields do better than others. Find out who’s earning the most.


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Why You Should Wait Until 2016 To Sell Your Home

Planning to sell your home? You may want to wait until 2016 before listing it.


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Sacramento Sees Continued High Job Vacancies Within Criminal Justice

Criminal justice continues to be a burgeoning field for job seekers.


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State Foreclosures Hit 6-Year Low

DataQuick said Wednesday that default notices totaled a little over 38,000 during the fourth quarter, down 38 percent from the same period of 2011.


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Sacramento Housing Market Predicted To Be Nation’s Second Hottest For Sellers

Home prices in Sacramento have reached the highest levels in 11 years and are expected to grow faster than nearly every other place in America this year.


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November New Home Sales In Sacrament Area Highest Since 2008

It is a positive sign of the times. New home sales in November were the best they’ve been in four years in the Sacramento area, and buying any kind of home is proving to be a challenge.


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Wells Fargo Program Offers Down Payment For First-Time Home Buyers

For people who qualify it’s a great deal, receiving $15,000 to buy a home. But how does it work, and who pays?


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Former 49er Kicker Has High Hopes For Sacramento Real Estate

A former San Francisco 49ers player has a bold real estate plan, but will it bring down rents for families in the area?


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Elderly Man Arrested For Real Estate Con

A Sacramento real estate broker is in jail for an alleged home buying hoax.