red light camera

Driver Hits Red Light Camera, Then Takes Off With ItThe man suspected of crashing his truck into a red light camera Saturday morning, then taking off with said camera, has been arrested, police said.
Call Kurtis: My Red Light Ticket Fine Doesn't Match The SignShe ran a red light and admits she's guilty, but says her fine is not fair. The West Sacramento woman called Kurtis Ming because the ticket was $100 more than the sign posted.
Marysville Police Chief Says Red Light Fines Too ExpensiveIf you get caught going through a red light in the city of Marysville, you'll face a $478 fine. But, the police chief says that fine is not only unfair to drivers, but to the city as well.
Yuba Red Light Cameras Putting City In DebtThey are controversial and constantly watching, but in Yuba City Red Light Cameras have also turned very costly.