red light camera

One of the photos witnesses took of the man after he hit the red light camera. (Credit: Marysville Police)

Driver Hits Red Light Camera, Then Takes Off With It

The man suspected of crashing his truck into a red light camera Saturday morning, then taking off with said camera, has been arrested, police said.


Redi Light Camera

Call Kurtis: My Red Light Ticket Fine Doesn’t Match The Sign

She ran a red light and admits she’s guilty, but says her fine is not fair. The West Sacramento woman called Kurtis Ming because the ticket was $100 more than the sign posted.


red light camera

Marysville Police Chief Says Red Light Fines Too Expensive

If you get caught going through a red light in the city of Marysville, you’ll face a $478 fine. But, the police chief says that fine is not only unfair to drivers, but to the city as well.


(credit: AP)

Yuba Red Light Cameras Putting City In Debt

They are controversial and constantly watching, but in Yuba City Red Light Cameras have also turned very costly.