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Watt Avenue Bus Lane Is Finished, So Why Isn’t It Being Used?

Mark Lonergan with Regional Transit says the lane is a first of its kind in the area. The two-mile stretch that travels over Highway 50 toward La Riviera Drive will allow two buses to travel on a single lane in opposite directions through one of the most congested areas of the county.


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Video Of Brutal Fight Calls Safety Into Question On Sacramento Regional Transit

The video starts with a woman yelling at a man. She doesn’t give up, and punches him in the face. The man she’s with goes in after her, and it gets graphic.


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Sacramento RT Police Insist They’re Cleaning Up Problems With Downtown Arena On Horizon

It’s like something out of a casino security room. Dealing with a limited budget, Leong has turned to a newly updated and elaborate camera system as part of the plan. Staff monitoring the stations in real time would be able to call out officers immediately to areas where many could feel alone.



Maintenance Error Sends Empty Light-Rail Train Rolling Through Sacramento

The unmanned train came through a station at Del Paso Boulevard and Arden Way, eventually losing power and coasting to a stop after traveling more than a mile.


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Sacramento Regional Transit Considering Changes After Shootings

Last year, a panel of outside transit experts recommended Sacramento’s RT officials improve security for passengers after a deadly shooting in January 2014, and another incident where officers were forced to shoot and kill a suspect on a train in March.



Man Struck And Killed By Light-Rail Train In Sacramento

The train operator says they saw the man in his 30s and threw on the emergency brakes, but it was too late and the man was struck.


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Man In Wheelchair Hit By RT Bus

A wheelchair-bound man is recovering at a hospital after being hit by an RT bus Sunday afternoon.


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Sacramento Light-Rail Murder Victim Identified As Eric McCaster, 51

Eric McCaster, 51, was killed on board a Regional Transit train in Downtown Sacramento near 11th and O streets on Thursday night


Lynnsey Braun

Sacramento Light Rail Shooting Doesn’t Deter Riders From Commute

But many were worried for their safety less than a day after a man shot another man onboard a train on Thursday night.


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Damaged Overhead Light Rail Lines Cause Headache For Commuters

Light rail commuters in the Sacramento area were delayed getting to work this morning after a train stalled.


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Regional Transit Receives $135 Million Federal Grant To Expand Light Rail

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Public transportation in the Sacramento region got a big boost from the federal government on Monday. US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood held a scheduled meeting in Sacramento to announce $135 million of […]


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UPDATE: Folsom Light Rail Service Still Disrupted By Fallen Tree

Regional Transit is using shuttle buses at its Folsom Light Rail station after crews were unable to repair damage to some overhead power lines caused by a fallen tree during Sunday’s storm.