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Calif. Prison Guard Claims He Was Harassed Because Of His Race, Religion

A Northern California prison guard has filed a lawsuit alleging co-workers harassed him because of his race and religion.


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LDS Church Leader: Protection For Religious Freedom Of Speech Eroding

A high-ranking Mormon leader said he believes protections for religious freedom of speech are eroding.


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Sacramento Church Offering Drive-Thru Ashes

One church in Sacramento is making sure that busy people who maybe don’t have the time for a full service are able to celebrate Ash Wednesday.


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Ash Wednesday: Mardi Gras Revelry Ends, Lenten Season Begins

The merriment of Mardi Gras has ended and the solemn season of Lent has begun Wednesday.


McDonald’s To Pay $50,000 To Muslim Employee In Discrimination Lawsuit

McDonald’s has agreed to pay $50,000 to settle a lawsuit that claimed it discriminated against a Muslim employee in Fresno who wasn’t allowed to grow a beard.


One of Camping's supporters holds a sign predicting the world would end in 2011. (Getty Images)

Radio Host Who Predicted World’s End Dies

Harold Camping warned Judgement Day would be on hand in May, 2011.


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Modesto Church Members Caught In Path Of Typhoon In Philippines

Members of a Modesto church were in the Philippines on a humanitarian mission before the monster typhoon Haiyan hit.


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UPDATED: Sacramento Diocese Catholic Priest Sentenced For Lewd Acts With Child

A Roman Catholic priest has been sentenced to eight years in prison for molesting a 13-year-old parishioner.


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Pope Indulges Twitter Followers With Promise Of Forgiveness

Pope Francis is creating a new tradition to keep with the times: Following him on Twitter will take time off of purgatory.


A judge is expected to issue a ruling Monday on whether yoga is a religious practice that shouldn't be allowed to be taught in public schools. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Glamour)

Judge Ruling If Yoga Is Tied To Religious Practice, Allowed In Public Schools

A judge is expected to issue a ruling Monday on whether yoga is a religious practice that shouldn’t be allowed to be taught in public schools.


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Opinion: Jamie Foxx’s Obama Is Our Lord And Savior Remark Is Ridiculous And Disturbing

No one can equate to God. And, it’s about time someone stood up to Jamie Foxx and his ilk to teach them that – or at least try to teach them that.


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Opinion: Rev. William Owens Confronts Barack Obama On Same-Sex Marriage

Rev. William Owens takes great issue with Obama’s linkage of Dr. King’s civil rights movement of the past to the current gay rights movement regarding same-sex marriage. Owens says that King embraced traditional religion, and he strongly suggests that King would not want his civil rights’ mission altered to include same-sex marriage.