The Grant Napear Show - August 29, 2013
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The Grant Napear Show - May 14, 2013
Downtown Sacramento Crossing Fingers For Kings ArenaNews of the Sacramento Kings likely staying in town has more than just fans excited. Residents and business owners are excited about a possible downtown arena.
Kings Staying Would Be Boon For Downtown SacramentoIt was another lonely night along Sacramento’s Downtown Plaza on Monday, but this rundown ghost town corner of the city is a step closer to being brought back to life.
Sacramento Kings Closer To Staying After NBA VoteThe NBA Relocation Committee voted unanimously to block Seattle’s bid to move the Sacramento Kings—a crucial step to keeping the team in town.
The Grant Napear Show - April 29, 2013
Grant Napear Show Intro: The NBA Blocks The Kings' Relocation To Seattle
The Jason Ross Show - April 29, 2013
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Sac Bee's Ryan Lillis Details Friday Deadline From Maloof Family For Backup Kings BidGrant Napear is joined by the Sacramento Bee's Ryan Lillis, who detailed a Friday deadline from the Maloof family for a binding backup bid to keep the Kings in Sacramento.