Who Is Dr. Bodai?

Dr Ernie Bodai, a Sacramento surgeon, introduced the first-ever fundraising stamp.

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The Race to 1 Billion How Can You Be A Part

The date, the stamp has raised $75 million for cancer research

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What Does The Money Go To And What Has It Done?

oday, thanks to breakthroughs in cancer research, more and more people are becoming cancer survivors rather than cancer victims. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 12 million cancer survivors in the U.S. today. Every dollar we can raise through these stamps to fight breast cancer will help save lives.”

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“PINK the Boulevard” Fundraiser for Susan G.Komen for the Cure

On Sunday, April 27, the River District, in partnership with The Party Concierge united more than 20 businesses in the district to PINK the Boulevard.


Babies' brain responds to frequent and sustained talking from either parent. (Getty Images)

Talking To Babies Helps Their Brains Develop More Quickly

Talking more often is good, using longer sentences is better.



Growing Companies Make Woodland World Leader In Seed Research

A local community is now turning into the Silicon Valley of seeds, and Yolo County has become a leader in seed research.