Stockton Subway Restaurant Employee Shot During Robbery

The 43-year-old male employee was at the restaurant on Hammer Lane, just off Highway 99, late Tuesday night when the robber walked in. At some point during the incident, the robber shot the employee.


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Ohio Police Having Trouble Cracking Year-Long Egging Case

An 85-year-old man says his suburban Cleveland home has been pelted with eggs several times a week for a year, and police haven’t been able to crack the unusual case despite stakeouts, questioning neighbors, installing a surveillance camera and even testing eggshells as evidence.


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Suspect Arrested For Fatal Shooting During Chinese New Year Celebration

Detectives have arrested a man suspected of shooting and killing another man inside of a south Sacramento restaurant last week.


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East Sacramento Neighbors Argue Over Proposed Restaurant

A proposed East Sacramento restaurant is serving up a neighborhood dispute. The restaurant would go into a spot that was first built as a home.


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Arson Suspected In East Sacramento Restaurant Fire

The fire that tore through an East Sacramento business early Monday morning may have been the work of an arsonist.


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Crush 29 Eviction One Of A Series Of Financial Troubles For Roseville Restaurant’s Owner

The owner of the restaurant, Abe Alizadeh, is known for founding a restaurant empire in the region, but he has also had a bad financial track record. More than 70 Jack In The Box restaurants he owned closed after he declared bankruptcy over millions of dollars he owed in unpaid taxes.


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Colorado Waitresses Wear Guns In Restaurant

Would you feel comfortable if a waitress took your order in a restaurant with a loaded gun holstered to her waist? This is the environment Shooters restaurant in the town of Rifle has created. Perhaps embracing the city’s name, all the girls in Shooters not only carry loaded weapons during their shifts, they are also encouraged to do so by management.



The Eatery In West Sacramento Closes Its Doors

Owners posted a message on the restaurant’s facebook page on Tuesday which reads, “Due to ongoing battles with the Board of Equalization and our landlord we can no longer stay in business.”


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Man Robs Stockton Restaurant Of Cash, Sandwiches, Bottled Water

A hungry Stockton robber flashed a gun at a restaurant worker Monday and got away with more than just one kind of bread.


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Sacramento County Subway Restaurant Employee Attacked, Tied Up

Sacramento County Sheriff’s investigators were at the Auburn Boulevard Subway restaurant after the alleged brutal attack.


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Youth Development Network Fundraiser ‘Lunch for a Cause with Sellands’

Randall Selland, Chef and Owner of Selland’s Market Café, The Kitchen Restaurant and Ella Dining Room and Bar, hold the 2014 Lunch Break For a Cause with Selland’s.


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Suspected DUI Driver Slams Van Into Side Of Sacramento Restaurant

A driver suspected of driving under the influence drove his van into the side of a restaurant in Sacramento overnight.