Judge Sentences 1980 'Sweethearts' Killer Richard Hirschfield To DeathThe judge in the "Sweetheart Murders" case has agreed with the jury's recommendation that Richard Hirschfield should be put to death for murdering two young college students more than 30 years ago.
UPDATE: Jury Recommends Death Penalty For Hirschfield In 'Sweetheart Murders'It took the jury less than a day to decide on the death penalty for Richard Hirschfield, the man convicted of killing two UC Davis students 32 years ago.
Prosecution Makes Final Argument For Death Penalty In Hirschfield CaseThe prosecution spent close to two hours Wednesday morning trying to convince jurors to sentence Richard Hirschfield to death.
Jurors To Decide Life In Prison Or Death For Richard Hirschfieldhe fate of Richard Hirschfield is in the hands of a jury asked to decide whether the "Sweetheart Murders" convicted killer should spend the rest of his life in prison or be executed.
Hirschfield Found Guilty Of 'Sweetheart Murders' 32 Years After KillingsThe jury in the trial of alleged "Sweetheart Murders" killer, Richard Hirschfield, has reached a guilty verdict.
Jury To Start Deliberations In 'Sweetheart Murders' Case The defense tried one last time Friday to convince a jury the man on trial for the "Sweetheart Murders" three decades ago didn't do it.
‘Sweetheart Murders’ Trial Defense: DNA Is Not EverythingThe defense began their closing argument Thursday in the “Sweetheart Murders” trial, and they claim the wrong man is on trial.
Prosecutor Gives Emotional Closing Argument In 'Sweetheart Murders' CaseHoping to tap into the emotions of the jury, prosecutor Dawn Bladet gave a passionate and compelling closing argument Wednesday as to why she believes Richard Hirschfield is a cold-blooded rapist and killer.
After 32 Years, 'Sweetheart Murder' Case Goes To TrialThree decades after two UC Davis students were murdered a suspect in the case is finally going to trial.