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Call Kurtis: What You’re Owed When Service Goes Out

Where Kay and Larry Pealer live in Grass Valley, a landline phone can be a lifeline when an emergency strikes. But when their phone didn’t work when they had a medical emergency, they called Kurtis […]

CBS Sacramento–06/04/2012

(credit: CBS)

Call Kurtis: The Truth About Auto-Renew

When a Lodi man realized he’d been paying for a basketball TV package he didn’t want for a decade, he called Kurtis to investigate.

CBS Sacramento–05/30/2012


Call Kurtis: Do I Have to Pay Early Termination Fees?

Priya Prikita is ready to start a new life. After her wedding, Prikita moved from her old apartment in San Mateo into a brand new Antelope home with her new husband. “It’s our first home,” […]