Valley Fire Serves As Reminder That Wildfire Devastation Isn't Isolated To ForestsAny home near dry vegetation is at risk for fire, but Cal Fire maps show a higher risk in some areas, and not just in forested areas.
Deaths Of 2 Witnesses Mean Charges Dropped Against Rim Fire SuspectIn February, a 34-year-old key witness died after accidentally driving off a cliff while on the job. A month later, a second key witness died of a heart attack.
Feds Drop Case Against Rim Fire Suspect After Deaths Of 2 WitnessesTwo key witnesses in the case against the man suspected of staring 2013’s Rim Fire have died, leading federal prosecutors to try and dismiss the case.
Federal Lawmakers Battling Over Bill Changing How States Pay Firefighting CostsJust this year alone, California firefighters have had to fight more than 4,000 fires. The state has seen at least 85,000 acres scorched by those fires.
Rim Fire Logging Raises Concerns Over Spotted Owl PopulationThe spotted owl makes its home in the Stanislaus National Forest. According to the Center for Biological Diversity, environmental research shows 32 pairs of spotted owls and 5 individual spotted owls were found in the Rim Fire area. The Center said it's the best habitat for the owls to find food.
California Environmentalists Decry Feds' Rim Fire Tree Plan U.S. Forest Service officials say they tried to balance competing interests in a plan that will allow loggers to remove trees killed in a massive central California wildfire last year, but environmentalists have called it a travesty and are threatening to sue.
Forest Service To Release Rim Fire Recovery Plan The U.S. Forest Service is expected to unveil its plan Wednesday for what to do with millions of trees killed one year ago in California's massive Rim Fire that stand at the center of a conflict between environmentalists and loggers.
Rim Fire Suspect Pleads Not Guilty To Setting Fire In Stanislaus National ForestThe Northern California man charged with starting the largest wildfire in recorded history to sweep through the Sierra Nevada mountains has turned himself in to authorities.
Tuolumne County Man Charged With Starting 2013 Rim FireA California man was charged Thursday with starting the state's third-largest wildfire, a 2013 blaze that charred hundreds of square miles of land in Yosemite National Park and the Stanislaus National Forest.
Rim Fire: What Should Happen To Charred Trees Left By State's No. 3 Largest Wildfire?The Rim Fire was the third-largest fire in California history, leaving more than 250,000 acres charred. But now the U.S. Forest Service is charged with getting the land back to what it once was.
Yosemite Now Fully Reopened Following Rim FireNearly eight months after the massive Rim Fire lit up the forests in and around Yosemite, the park announced that all areas within the park have been reopened.
Heavy Rains Bring Mudslide Worries To Region Scarred By Rim FireIt’s a dangerous combination around the Rim Fire burn scars, where property owners are preparing for landslides and protecting their properties.