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Sacramento Nurse Supports Hospitalist Approach To Health Care

Robynn Gough Smith, RN, BSN, MSc is the chief administrative officer for Surgical Affiliates Management Group headquartered in downtown Sacramento.


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Sacramento RN Says Nursing Not Just A Career, But A Lifestyle

Liliana Velazquez, RN works as a labor and delivery nurse at the birthing center at Sutter Davis Hospital Birthing Center providing mother and baby care.


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Mastering Six Skill Sets In Health Care Will Help Sacramento Nurses

Kathryn Bucher, says that there are six skill sets which must be mastered in order to be successful in the field of health care.


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Neonatal Nurse In Sacramento Says School Changed Her Life

Thanks to her college education, Dolly Goolsby went from being a stay-at-home mom to being a neonatal charge nurse in just a few years.


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New Educational Practices Improving Patient Care In Sacramento

Medical staff and students work with life-like mannequin simulators and surgical robots to advance training.


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Sacramento Nurse Sees Informatics As Vital For Today’s Health Providers

Kathleen Guiney believes informatics can help revolutionize the health industry.


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Degrees Help Sacramento Medical Center Manager Streamline Patient Care

With baby boomers requiring increasing care, nursing degrees may soon be in even higher demand.


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Profile: A Nurse In Sacramento & Her Education

Registered Nurse Amy Delacruz discusses trust between medical staff at UCD Medical Center.


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Sacramento: A Health Care Hub Ideal For Aspiring Nurses

California’s capital city is a hub for innovative and state-of-the-art health care.


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Job Market Skill Gaps In Sacramento

Three major skill gaps in Sacramento are currently providing job opportunities: nursing, security and criminal justice.