lego robot

Teens Compete In Robot Lego Contest To Help Seniors

Most kids like to play with Legos, but one competition is taking it to a whole other level.


Claire Deliunay looks on from one of her smartphone-friendly Botiful bots as a cheery office worker gets bookish with an Anybot. (Credit: Left: Claire Deliunay; Right: Anybots )

Robots Could Connect People In The Near Future

Need to be in two places at once? Perhaps a robot can come to the rescue. Companies in Silicon Valley are developing mobile bots to connect people for teleconferencing or just keeping in touch.



Robots Developed At UC Davis Help Students Develop Math Skills

The idea of robotic teachers certainly might frighten parents, but UC Davis just got a big grant to create not a teacher replacement but more of a teacher assistant.



Stanford Kicks Off Annual ‘Robot Block Party’

From dancing robots that move to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to robots that can take photography to new limits, it is all here at Stanford’s Third Annual “Robot Block Party.” The event is part of “National Robotics Week.”